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New Album


This album is my personal diary that I’m letting you hear. It talks mainly about my life before I got to where I am today. Every song on this album speaks my truth. This is my journey. Follow Me to the end.

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LittleJohn4K, born Tyesha Littlejohn, lives out her truth through music, penning pain and a troubled past riddled with emotional strain over roaring 808’s. The 22-year-old artist finds comfort in pursuing a career in music as a final adieu to a deceased loved one, shedding insight on the ‘why factor’ surrounding her persistent grind.

Music is one of the sacred artforms that can transcend a moment and evoke a sense of understanding as it relates to identifying with someone or something. LittleJohn4K is someone that uses personal experiences to set the foundation for a common ground between her message and the receptive audience.

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